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ZHU, with the help of Tame Impala, put down quite the vibe on their just-revealed collaboration “My Life,” which feels like basking in an 85 degree swimming pool in Palm Springs on a warm day, closing your eyes for a moment, and then waking up in a lucid dream of the best house party you’ve ever been to. Intricately layered sonic textures bolster haunting background vocal harmonies and an out-of-left-field saxophone that gives this a rather retro feel, but the hook is a distinctly modern slow-burner that seductively draws you in.

What a fantastic Monday morning treat to wake up to! And here’s hoping this deliciously smooth jam is the first of multiple ZHU x Tame Impala collabs because their respective musical styles compliment each other so well. Experience the warm, sexy-smoothness for yourself above.