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A month back, LA producer Yultron paid his respects to bloghaus electro with an original production “Make Electro Great Again,” which saw Tron call upon some late-2000s attributes redolent of deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner. The track garnered massive support from fans, fellow artists, media outlets, and Spotify playlisters, reaffirming Yultron’s intentions to introduce the sound for  younger listeners as well as evoke some serious nostalgia in those who found their way into electronic music around that time.

Now, in a clear followup to “Make Electro Great Again,” Yultron has shared today another new original production titled “Nu Luv.” Striking a “Scary Monsters”-esque balance between chirpy melody and snarling bass, Yultron’s “Nu Luv” pairs throwback electro elements with contemporary ones for yet another solid production bridging nearly a decade of the genre. Tron tells NEST HQ about both the track and plans for a new event in LA over email —

While all my peers are producing dubstep or future/house, I’m still here being heavily inspired by that throwback electro. It’s so hard going against the grain when everyone around you is making fire bass tunes. I’ve just been so motivated by the old electro/complextro tunes that it’s all I’m making right now and I think people are catching onto it. Not only am I trying to bring back the sound, I’ve already planned an electro show/party in LA that I am throwing in memory of the old electro Dim Mak party era.

More to come on that. In the mean time, check out “Nu Luv” in full below.

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