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Make electro great again. That’s the current program for Los Angeles-based producer, Yultron, who has been digging back into his early influences from the late 2000s with his recent releases to revive the punchy sound cemented by folks like deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Feed Me, and others. “It’s so hard going against the grain when everyone around you is making fire bass tunes,” Yultron remarked honestly to NEST HQ last week, “I’ve just been so motivated by the old electro and complextro tunes that it’s all I’m making right now and I think people are catching on to it.”

The reason why people are catching on to it is because Yultron isn’t simply replaying once-popular sounds or mimicking the success of his predecessors. He’s folding in years of experience producing everything from hip hop and trap to dubstep and melodic bass while recalling and building upon the nostalgic attributes from the blog haus era. In “Make Electro Great Again,” Tron’s first offering of 2017, mau5-esque leads crash into vicious bass snarls for a clever convergence of old and new. The follow-up record, “Nu Luv,” out last week matches up melodic vocal chops with sawtoothed, complex synth work while dropping in a half-time, dubstep section in the song’s second half for lasting effect. This duality of paying homage to a seminal moment in dance music’s recent history while redesigning and repacking it for a new generation is setting Yultron on an exciting path in 2017.

Devoted to the studio, Yultron plans to out plenty of more music this year while further pursuing his electro revival IRL with a dedicated event in Los Angeles in coming months. Eyes out on Tron.

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