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Texas duo Wrestlers (formerly named Bagheera) share their latest track “Perennial” with sensual crooner Shy Girls, and it’s so overflowing with baby-making vibes you might need to take a pregnancy test post-listen.

With a healthy mix of soul and funk combined with Shy Girls’ catchy lyrics, this track wastes no time asserting its sexual prowess. An introductory organ laid low against a few tolling notes gives it a ’90s R&B influence while wailing guitar solos, that could make even Prince nod in approval, keeps things funky. The arrangement is made all the more catchy against bouncing chord progressions and a steady hi-hat beat for a polished finish.

“Perennial” will be released October 9 as a double single with a currently unreleased track with Jesse Boykins III via Red Bull Sound Select. You can pre-order the tracks on iTunes, or hear more from Wrestlers, including their earlier release with Twin Shadow, via┬átheir SoundCloud.

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