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We’ve got a new favorite song to cry in the club to this summer in the form of “boy” by william crooks, an artist many of you longtime NEST HQ readers might recognize. Willy earned a place on our Who To Watch list in 2017 for his insatiable take on emo-club. It’s much of the same we’ve to come to expect from him, with washed out, Bon Iver-inspired vocals over thick 808s and all packaged together with an impressive mixdown.

Willy says he’s not very good at talking about his music, but he shared some insight with us on the release that we appreciate:

“‘boy’ is about someone who means a lot to me. it’s as much about a person as it is about my own self-discovery and it’s the first time I’ve shared those feelings out loud on a song. i hope u enjoy.”

Listen to “boy” below, or watch the official music video made with assistance from friends, Bobby Pantano and Ben Bursell.