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One of the most sought-after tunes in house music kicks off our Friday morning, just in time for the impending wild weekend to come. This Dirtybird release comes to us from Will Clarke and BOT, who’ve both been making some serious noise in the States in recent years with their own original music and outrageous DJ sets.

“Feeling Good” is one of the most infectious releases I’ve heard from the Dirtybird camp — the respective styles of Will Clarke and BOT are scorching hot on their own, but the vibe is electric when they get together on this track. Will Clarke’s got a knack for turning up the party by using the element of suspense and delivering simple, yet propulsive house flair; on the other side, BOT possesses an almost psychedelic approach to house music and succeeds in creating an off-kilter, sophisticated sound as we heard on his latest full-length record BOT NEW WORLD. Together, Will Clarke and BOT make a driving dancefloor tune that stands out from the oversaturated house music market — no wonder this tune’s been lurking as a dubplate in DJ sets for months.

We asked both artists on how this tune came to be: “‘Feeling Good’ spawned from the most chill and fun studio session. We always make music with no expectations.” It shows. Check it out below via Dirtybird and buy it here.