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The music of Sydney duo What So Not, comprised of Chris “Emoh Instead” Emerson and Harley “Flume” Steten reflects the sunny youth culture of Austrailia’s thriving electronic music scene.

In the just over three years, the duo have released an EP through legendary local imprint Sweat It Out, official remixes for Major Lazer, A-Trak, Kimbra & Mark Foster and Van She and a handful of bootlegs made available through their soundcloud.

Their sound, a combination of Emerson’s love of hip-hop and bass music and Steten’s firm grasp on experimental pop production, easily adapts to the ever-changing dance music environment while maintaining its own unique stamp.

Their new EP The Quack (Club Dubs), featuring glossy house banger “High You Are” and a massive low-end title track, is out worldwide today through Owsla — a partnership born somewhere between Steten and Skrillex’s initial meeting at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and a followup studio hang in Los Angeles (Check the full story in inthemix‘s How Flume Took America piece).

Here’s what the duo have to say about the EP:

“The Quack” is everything we love about this project. Create the strangest sound possible & turn it into an infectious rhythm. It’s a stomper with character, not your everyday 808 banger. It’s raw and real! “High You Are” was an experiment. We wanted to take the concept of groove based house & push it to the extreme. Something that could hold its own, against the biggest ‘EDM’ hit, without compromising the feel & soul. The power to make people move, not just fist pump.

Listen below and head over to Beatport to pick it up.

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