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While it didn’t break as many hearts as when Zayn left One Direction, the announcement from Harley Streten (aka Flume) declaring that he would be leaving all aspects of What So Not was easily upsetting for many. It was pretty obvious that it had to be coming at some point — Flume has been publicizing working on his own solo album all year and conceded touring to Emoh long, long ago — but many fans (including myself) will fondly and forever remember “Jaguar”, “Touched”, the “Get Free” remix, and, of course, those silly press shots the lads took together years ago in Australia before either of them had any idea what this collab project was to become.

That said, Gemini will be the last piece of What So Not, the “duo”, before Emoh continues on the project completely solo in both production and touring, and the EP’s title track has been made available today. Featuring smoky vocals from fellow Australian & Future Classic vocalist, George Maple, “Gemini” is moody and melodic — a step away from the elephant-sized palpitations of monster hits like “Tell Me” and “Jaguar”. It’s delicate yet assertive, and the yearning vocals from George Maple augment the overall emotion of the record to goose-bump inducing levels.

Although it’s bittersweet, we’re excited to hear the rest of what the guys have put together for Gemini. Until then listen to the title track below.


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