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As the clock struck midnight and the new year came barreling through the door, a little blip of code raced through the Netflix servers and into the hearts of their 100+ million subscribers. For in that very moment, New Year’s Day 2018, a brand new series arrived on our virtual doorstep. As of late, Netflix has been known to grab at any and every television and movie idea it can. Some hit, some miss, but they managed to hit the nail on the head with their latest release, We Speak Dance.

Much like NEST HQ, We Speak Dance is a window into global artistic cultures. The series is primarily focused on dance as it pertains to specific countries and societies. The show’s creator and host, dancer and former UN Global Programme Coordinator Vandana Hart, travels the world in search of dance communities to learn their styles, share their stories, and bring them and the world closer together. Throughout the season’s five episodes, Hart travels to Paris, Vietnam, Beirut, Lagos, Bali, and beyond. She meets with traditional and urban dance leaders, progressives, and legends including Femi Kuti, son of Nigerian afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. For an eye-opening experience filled with politically-charged movements, heartwarming stories, and a look into the past, present, and future of dance, look no further than We Speak Dance.

Give the entire series a quick binge now, and be prepared for a killer year filled with love, music, and dance.