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Way back in 2014 when British house duo Wayward were first signed to Black Butter Records, they were one of the first acts to contribute a NEST HQ MiniMix. Their sound has entered more tribal chasms since then, and Wayward’s latest EP Good Afternoon Mr. Magpie captures the magnitude of this musical shift.

The EP opens on title track “Good Afternoon Mr. Magpie,” pairing a clangorous jambalaya of percussion with a wall of knocking bass, followed by a one-two of vocal-led jams, the Baroque-leaning “Calanques” and the Eastern-inspired “Shiva.” Then, “Reykjavik” channels the frosty atmosphere of its namesake city, leaning into a slew of melodic arpeggiations and interacting hits that ride out the EP through its closer, “Human Spirit.”

Good Evening Mr. Magpie is out now on Silver Bear, and is also available on 12″ vinyl.