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NEST HQ is proud to bring you the WAVEDASH Visual Mix, an elevated approach to the mix visualizer featuring selections from one of our favorite rising bass music acts of the moment and original graphics from Scott Pagano of Neither-Field Moving Image Design & Build. Scott worked with the Austin, Texas based trio to come up with two reactive environments featured throughout the mix — an expansive and scenic Miyazaki influenced terrain and a gritty Neo Tokyo sprawl. Check WAVEDASH’s words on the project below:

We’re stoked to be a part of the first ever Visual Mix NEST HQ will be hosting! The mix features tracks from all of our favorite artists, as well as some goodies straight from us to you. We hope you not only enjoy the mix but the visual accompaniment as well, featuring animation from Scott Pagano of Neither-Field. – WAVEDASH

Read on for a play by play of the Visual Mix tracklist from WAVEDASH trio members Luke, Gavin, and Michael.

Zomboy – Like A Bitch

Luke: My absolute FAVORITE song to start off WAVEDASH shows with, the energy this song brings is unmatched.
Gavin: Like A Bitch is the best dubstep track of the year. No other song comes close.
Michael: Best dubstep track of the year, hands down.

WAVEDASH – Like That

Luke: Really excited to be throwing some of our own goodies in this mix, hope you guys are looking forward to hearing ;)
Gavin: This track is REALLY BAD, why do people like it?
Michael: Trash.

Excision – Codename X (Virtual Riot Remix)

Luke: The second drop in this song is insane and a perfect example of why Virtual Riot is on top right now.
Gavin: Unreal sound design on an extraordinary remix.
Michael: Virtual Riot’s sound design is sooooo hot and also those quarter notes in the 2nd drop literally make me scream.

LAXX – Live & Direct

Luke: This song is perfect for great transitions and the horns are fantastic.
Gavin: LAXX has some of the best horns in the game. I love how they sound mixed with Off Leash.
Michael: A+ transition track and the horns make me horny.


Luke: It’s the classic bruddas– back at it again with a banger for you fellas!
Gavin: My favorite thing about this track is how it’s so simple, yet it has so much raw power.
Michael: Who is QUEST?!

[left to right: Luke, Mija, Michael, QUEST, Gavin]

Barely Alive – Windpipe (feat. Ragga Twins) [Getter Remix]

Luke: Getter’s remix of an already incredible song was one of my favorites off the Barely Alive remix album and really showcases some of his best work.
Gavin: Getter spiced it up a lil’ with this one, I love it.
Michael: My fav Getter song, always super fun to play live.


Gavin: No one is ready for this new QUEST project.
Michael: Who is QUEST?!

Virtual Riot – Machinery

Luke: The entirety of this song is insane, beginning to end, no stale moments in sound design.
Gavin: Virtual Riot slays almost everything he does.
Michael: Virtual Riot’s sound design and energy in this track is so crazy. Love it.

Torro Torro – Make A Move (Skrillex Remix)

Luke: Skrillex’s remix of Make A Move was one of my most anticipated songs of the end of 2015 and when Red Bull released it as a freebie we had to throw it in a mix.
Gavin: An amazingly crafted remix. Enjoyable from beginning to end.
Michael: Same with Luke, this was def one of my most anticipated songs. I definitely flipped my shit when it got released and now we play it in just about every set.

SKisM – Experts (Barely Alive Remix)

Luke: Barely Alive is making some of the coolest music in the world right now and we never pass up an opportunity to play this song in our live shows
Gavin: So good. The first buildup gives me goosebumps everytime
Michael: Fucc deez experts

1 (Shot by Ryan West)

Snails & LAXX – LZRS

Luke: I don’t even know if I have words to describe this song… I mean, just listen to it…
Gavin: The main melody is so powerful and evil. Amazing track
Michael: The first time I heard this song I was genuinely blown away. So crazy and chaotic and squeaky. Definitely a slapper.

Skrillex & Wiwek – Killa

Luke: Wiwek’s EP was super cool and such a well put together piece of music, and Killa is the highlight– love this track so so much
Gavin: This is one of those tracks that you knew was gonna be good before you even heard it. Wiwek and Skrillex killed this track
Michael: Absolute banger. The production quality is amazing and overall feel of the track is really genuine and is super fun to play out or just to listen to.

Barely Alive – Scoop

Luke: Transitioning from Killa to Scoop is so perfect we just had to throw it in this mix for you guys
Gavin: The second drop OH MY.
Michael: One of my favs off of the We Are Barely Alive LP. The boiz killed it.

Moksi – The Dopest (Cesqeaux Remix)

Luke: Cesqeaux’s remix of The Dopest is played in almost every dubstep set I get a chance to hear and I couldn’t be happier
Gavin: Everything in this track is crazy. The sound design, the drums, the vocals. All of it.
Michael: So unique and fresh and exciting, it just doesn’t get old. Definitely keeping an eye on Cesqeaux.

Zomboy & MUST DIE! – Survivors

Luke: Survivors was actually put out on NEST in 2014 which was the coolest thing ever, seeing dubstep get released on one of our favorite labels. Survivors is still unmatched and the second drop is something I still get goosebumps hearing.
Gavin: I still remember hearing the preview for this track and not being able to function for a week.
Michael: In my opinion, one of the best dubstep songs OF ALL TIME

Getter – Rip N Dip

Luke: Ending this mix with Rip N Dip felt right– one of the coolest dubstep tracks out right now.
Gavin: This is THE Getter song. Absolute banger.
Michael: The sound design in this track is sooooo sick. Shouts to Getter, he is absolutely KILLING it rn.

3 (Shot by Colby Johnston)


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