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New York producer Voia is on the cusp of releasing his debut album this year. Taking a conceptual approach to pop and crafting his own narrative about the virtual, the real, relationships between the two, and desire, he marries some of the freshest dance sounds with his own vocals to create something that is all his own.

“Almost Human” is a tale about the melancholic ache of wanting to be with someone you care about but who is worlds away. A relatable sentiment, we’ve all been there; skyping your family from another continent, texting that crush you could never work up the courage to talk to in real life, or bringing your virtual girlfriend to life. Shimmering melodies, crisp basslines, and a soaring sing-along chorus create a sweeping and emotional tune that you’ll find yourself humming the rest of the day. Voia creates a vast landscape within this one vignette that is part of a larger story that feels both intimate and expansive at the same time and overflows with sentiment.

Grab the tune free here or buy it via Bandcamp. Make sure to follow Voia on SoundCloud and Twitter for all the latest updates on the upcoming album.

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