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It’s been a busy year for Bleep Bloop so far in 2019 — juggling his record label, touring, and making new tunes for us, it’s a great fucking time to be a fan of his. Bleep Bloop has revealed one of his highly-anticipated rap bootlegs, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere on our favorite one today. He flips Vince Staples‘ “GTFOMD” into a dangerous tune of the heavy bass persuasion, cranking up the distortion to 11. Beyond the fact that this track is powerful enough to induce your strongest bass face, Bleep Bloop’s production chops are on full display here: his ability to turn something abrasive into a pristine mix is seriously satisfying.

I asked him what he had to say about this track, too: “I just want to say sorry to Vince Staples for fucking his song up so much. I just resonated so deeply with his message of getting the fuck off his dick that I couldn’t help myself. This is my mantra now.” Well-said. Listen to Bleep Bloop’s remix of “GTFOMD” below and grab your free download here.