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We can’t stop rinsing Los Angeles-based producer Vijunns‘ self-titled debut album that just came out. We premiered the lead single of the record a couple weeks back called “Beyond,” which he describes as “a thumping techno fantasia.” Jeremy Raskin just made an album so beautiful and downright satisfying that I’d be shouting from the rooftops if it were the latest Tycho offering, but it pushes somewhat different buttons for me. At times there’s a glitchier, more experimental feel and the soundscapes overall feel more cold, metallic, and somehow a little more dangerous to me.

Put on headphones or get to your finest speaker set-up and let Vijunns pull you beneath its all-encompassing aural waves. It’s quite a compelling start-to-finish listen. It feels like there’s an underlying narrative driving the progression and arrangement of these eight tracks — once it ends, there’s a sense of completion. Experience the world of Vijunns for yourself below for a proper trip.