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For those who identify as art history buffs, the latest collection from Vans was made just for you. The widely known shoe brand Vans has just released its ode to Vincent van Gogh through a stunning collection of classic sneakers redesigned along with shirts, backpacks, outerwear, and more.

Vincent van Gogh’s art is simply unmatched as he’s one of the most iconic painters that has ever existed, so it’s appropriate that Vans gave special attention to the details of this capsule. The brand chose four of Van Gogh’s most popular works: Skull, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers, and Van Gogh’s self-portrait. From the canvas to their apparel, Vans brought his artwork to life by intricately placing it on their classic sneakers and an assortment of accessories. What’s more, the entire collection can be purchased at the legendary Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam as well as online retailers on August 3rd. Scope the pieces in the gallery below.