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Continuing the series of EP releases that Rotterdam-based label Mord has released, Uun comes through with an infectiously hard-hitting piece of hardcore techno. The Detroit-based techno artist has shown a lot of love for the scene and techno in general since emigrating from Kansas City. He’s been putting out these really heavy tracks for over five years at this point, totally bringing out the gloom in the music.

Like a lot of Mord releases, Uun keeps it dark and obtuse, packing it fully with some odd-textured rhythms and an album cover that could fit in on something like The Flenser. This EP is crawling with some taut electronic leads like on “Temporal Body” and some classic techno tropes like on “Scripture and Virtue.” If you’re into some noisy, thudding techno with a flair for goth aesthetics, definitely check this EP out. Listen below.