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New York City’s Udachi can easily be described as an enigmatic producer. His music encompasses everything from mellow, chilled out beats to harder-than-rock club records and everything in between. When it comes to his sound, no genre is left untouched and no sound is too foreign or strange.

His latest track, “Palm Riddim”, is an excellent example of his distinct style and leans more to the mellow side of the work he’s done going back to the bloghouse days. The song begins with a string of flutes and a pattering of soft percussion. Reverbed kick drums are brought in alongside a deep voice sample which simply goes, “uhh”. Chimes are added into the mix, giving the track somewhat of a Southeast Asian feel that continues throughout the remainder of the song. With all of the hectic activities surrounding New Year’s Eve and related activities, “Palm Riddim” is a fine way to take some time and feel good about what has taken place over the last year.

Grab “Palm Riddim” as a free download here and follow Udachi on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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