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Ubu Boi is the pseudonym of New York-based composer and producer Drew Spradlin, a relative newcomer in the ever-growing scene of electroacoustic artists influenced by electronic dance. Initially a pianist, Ubu shows his chops on this new highly experimental and textured dance EP Likeness Burns. The first track, “And Gesture” paints his ambient, post-naturalist landscape of highly distorted and altered waves reminiscent of rain, insects, and vast open space that’s tortured by warm synths and a firm, yet subtle 4/4 beat.

“Ire Signal” carries the rest of the release with a more inviting and optimistic work with a rising synth melody that leads into a dissonant turn and loses its dance energy. The textures that this dude plays with are pretty gripping, and he knows how to use space in the mix to intensify emotion. Another great release off of the Los Angeles-based TAR label, who’s been putting out this kinda shit and helping to make electroacoustic music more accessible and dance music even crazier. Check it out below.

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