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In the second half of 2018, it’s as if an interdimensional portal has joined together the darkest corners of low-end theory in experimental bass music with our mere earthly existence. With the success of Southern California’s Bassrush Massive and full-length albums from Alix Perez and EPROM as SHADES along with¬†Great Dane, the fog has rolled in and it’s here to stay.

The latest release in the dark-wave beat scene arrives from Los Angeles-based producer Tsuruda. Last Friday, he put out an ambitious 23-track LP titled Unlimited Data on the independent label¬†Courteous Family. With a runtime of just over an hour, it’s all the more impressive the album is much of a solo work featuring only two collaborations, the lead single “Heat Wave” with Alix Perez and “Nice and Easy” with Woolymammoth. Turn off the lights and get ready for an adventure in subharmonic textures and external origin basslines.

Unlimited Data relies on robotic and futuristic low-end characteristics, it’s much more of an electronic album than a dance music album. There’s so much variation, from small glitches to phase disruptions and wide detuning of bass elements. In strong juxtaposition, the album also features several glistening melodic elements and percussive samples that provide so much life to the compositions that resemble a soundtrack for the underworld. All in all, it’s an incredible mix of sights and sounds worth exploration.

Listen to Tsuruda’s Unlimited Data below, which is available for purchase and on all major streaming platforms now. He’ll be supporting G Jones on his upcoming The Ineffable Truth tour in 2019. Tickets are available now.