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Two days into Holy Ship! 13.0, and the vibe has been unparalleled. When the ship set sail, those onboard got to experience the very first set of the festival from Troyboi, who had the honor of kicking things off on the Pool Deck with a wonky, booty-shaking set that hopped around the bass music spectrum. 2018 saw a crazy year for the producer with slammin’ new singles and one installment of his highly anticipated V!BEZ series back in November via Mad Decent, so we caught up with him on Holy Ship! to talk about what’s it like onboard, what we should expect to see from him this year, and a little of everything in between.

I watched your Sail Away set last night, it was awesome! Can you talk a little about that experience and your life on Holy Ship! right now?

First of all, as always, it’s just incredible. Everyone is so happy, you can have everyone from all over the world and bring them under one roof and just have a great time, it’s amazing. I’m having a great time. The first set, which I played, was fantastic and people really enjoyed themselves from what I saw [Laughs] and it was an honor to play the Sail Away set.

I didn’t expect you to drop “Losing It” but it went off.

Yeah, I was well in the vibe and Fisher is the sickest guy ever and that track’s a banger.

Speaking on V!BEZ, I loved Vol. 2 that came out a few months back. Is there a third installment we’ll be able to see this year?

Absolutely. You’re gonna see it sooner than you think. It’s pretty much finished, I’ve literally been listening to it nonstop even in this actual ship just finalizing everything. I’m really, really excited about this one.

Did we hear from of it in your first set and we just didn’t know it?

Yeah, there was something in there. [Laughs]

Okay, so I saw your tweet about how you were looking at memes while you were getting your hair cut… [Laughs] I HAVE to know: Do you remember what you were looking at? That’s just hilarious.

I can’t remember what I was looking at [Laughs], I don’t know what it was but whatever it was, I remember the guy was doing the front part of my hair and as he was doing it I was reading the meme and laughed and felt his hand just jolt and I was like — oh my god, he’s fucked my hairline up. But then he didn’t! And I thought, “I just have to tweet about that.” What was worse is that while he was doing the rest, I was still thinking about what it was and laughing inside, still. It was hilarious.

Well, I’ve been following your career since early 2014 and noticed you’ve named some artists you’d be down to collaborate with like Khalid. Who are some other artists you’d like to work with perhaps this year or in the future?

Honestly, that’s such a hard question… [Laughs]

More like singers or rappers, or what?

Both, honestly. I think rappers, of course, I tend to make a lot of hard tracks and I think some rappers would really complement my sound, but then at the same time I make a lot of chilled stuff with a lot of vocals, so… ugh, I want to work with everyone. [Laughs] Anyone and everyone who’s got great talent. I guess we’ll see in the future.

Very well. As a master curator, what dance music trend do you think is going to take over this year from what you’ve seen?

I think some stuff I’ve been doing a lot — which you’ll be hearing a lot from me — is baile funk. Like Brazil funk, you know? I love traditional Brazil music and I think that’s gonna make a big change. It’s already killin’ it right now, but I think this year specifically, it’s gonna be a big thing.

I feel that. Well, since this is my first Holy Ship! and you’ve done this a few times before, what’s your one tip to give to a first-timer before attending Holy Ship?

Stay hydrated. Period.

Keep up with Troyboi via Instagram and Twitter, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that he recorded that Sail Away set — it was epic.