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Waking up in another country, smelling the flowers of a new park, taking a hungry bite of your favorite meal. All these sensations are what life is all about. Exploration, adoration, love. For many, music is the necessary acoustic accompaniment to these experiences, helping to concrete the mood and memory in the endless pavement of your mind. Perhaps that’s why delicate compositions, ambient soundscapes, and downtempo music have been some of the most subconsciously relatable works in history.

Last week, Hush Hush Records – known for their contemplative releases – released the latest work of contemporary musician Trevor Ransom. The Spring EP is arguably some of the Seattle artist’s best work so far; it drips with emotion and pastel color. “My goal for this release — all my music really — is to capture a glimpse of brokenness and sadness, but to not stay there; rather to move towards hope,” Ransom writes of Spring. “Not some fairy-tale version of hope either, but the real deal. Spring does come, and it’s worth it.” The beauty of what’s broken, but only temporarily. The silver linings and touches of grey in life are what makes all the pain worth it in the end. You can hear Ransom’s improvisational subconscious layered within each of the six delicate tracks.

Give Spring a listen below and hold on to the moments of life that bring you joy while leaving the pain at the door where it belongs.