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Strap in for a hellish, tension-building ride with ambient producer Tontario. On his latest offer, he explores the realm of dark, experimental techno with a blistering edge. “Strandvägen” is one of the three tunes from Tontario’s Variationer av Skymninsljus EP, and it boasts the title as the most intoxicating of the bunch.

Said to be heavily inspired by the TV series Dark, Variationer av Skymninsljus (or Variations of Twilight in English) is a deep dive into sound experimentation, textures, and ominous atmosphere where techno and ambient music fuse together. “Strandvägen” is the most club-friendly of the EP, hanging its hat on increasing tension and haunting ambient textures underneath a booming kick drum.

Listen to “Strandvägen” and the rest of the EP below.