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To put it as simply as possible, Tommy Cash is shameless, outrageous, puzzling, and everything in between — trying to anticipate his next move is useless because he defies all the stereotypical genre rules. Tommy Cash’s global influence is pretty goddamn remarkable, but that’s the kind of attention talented specimens such as himself should be getting on the reg. We’re in the age of celebrities attempting to break the internet, and I can confidently say that the debut record from Tommy Cash has the potential to do just that.

On ¥ € $, Tommy Cash offers 11 tracks that speak to the hottest trends in pop culture with a genuine, sophisticated approach that can only be done by Tommy Cash. He didn’t work alone to deliver this record, though — the album has a shocking cast of producers: Boys Noize, Amnesia Scanner, A. G. Cook, and Danny L Harle are behind the production on ¥ € $, which tells you all you need to know about what kind of listening experience you’re going to have. Following his 2014 mixtape Euroz Dollaz Yeniz, Tommy Cash levels up and rises to the spotlight with his savage vision in tow.

It begins with “WAIT A MINUTE!” featuring gritty, blistering production from Amnesia Scanner and Tommy Cash’s no-holds-barred demeanor, delivering a downright rude awakening from the get-go. Tommy Cash turns pure anxiety into controlled chaos, breaking us into his world with no regard for keeping us comfortable. He dips into his off-kilter hip-hop flair on “MONA LISA” featuring Rick Owens, wailing over the distorted, bass-boosted production helmed by PC Music’s A.G. Cook. In a normal world, recruiting an artist such as Cook on production for a hip-hop tune runs the risk of overshadowing the vocalist because it’s bound to be so chaotic, but this is Tommy Cash’s world — nothing overshadows his energy, and this production is just as outlandish as he is.

One of the coolest tunes off the entire record is none other than “X-RAY,” the hyper happy hardcore-meets-trap anthem produced by Danny L Harle. Tommy Cash dropped the music video for this track last week, which features him as a cult leader in a series of jaw-dropping shots. There’s absolutely nothing like this tune — there’s even a donk on the beat, for fuck’s sake. In true Tommy Cash fashion, there’s other surprises on this record, too: the Boys Noize-produced “BRAZIL” featuring MC Bin Laden is a straight-up dancehall banger made for booty-shaking of the highest order. Other tunes featuring Boys Noize on the beat include “VEGETARIAN,” “BLACK JEANS, WHITE T-SHIRT,” and “NOT CARE,” and it shows — that dark, electro-infused flair is undeniably Alexander Ridha’s signature style, and Tommy Cash complements it well.

Tommy Cash leans into the SoundCloud rap movement on a couple of tunes, especially on “COOL 3D WORLD.” His flow is ultra-lackadaisical throughout, injecting emo vibes into the beat that sound almost out of character for him, but he nails it nonetheless. I believe Tommy Cash is at his finest when he’s making us feel just a little uncomfortable, though — take “DOSTOYEVSKY,” for example. A.G. Cook sets the stage with stabbing, ray gun-like synths as Tommy Cash commits a murder on the beat with his unapologetic flow. Finally, Tommy Cash ends the album just the way it started: Amnesia Scanner returns for the album’s outro, titled “YES OR NO?” It’s another helter-skelter barrage of sound that matches Tommy Cash’s unpredictable energy as he bids adieu to his most impressive offering to date.

Forgive me for the genuinely hyperbolic nature of this statement, but there’s seriously no one like Tommy Cash. There’s a lot of talk about artists who are successfully paving their own lane in music, but this is an artist who doesn’t need an explanation for why he’s groundbreaking — take one listen to ¥ € $ and you’ll see what I mean.