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London QT Little Boots has gone and done a lil bootleg of Todd Terje‘s legendary breakout jam, “Inspector Norse.” Why you gotta be so hot? (so hot so hot so hot…) she asks as Terje’s familiar plinky swing grooves onward. Although she probably means hot-headed (makin’ me feel so cold) I think it’s hilarious to interpret the line as ugh, why you gotta be such a babe?

The edit really picks up as she breaks into some Ooooo-ahhhhh‘s, where she finds a new set of heart string tuggin’ chords to further lift the listener into disco euphoria. This one’s got us crushin’ on Little Boots all over again like it’s 2008 and we’re checking her bedroom cover sessions and that Fake Blood remix for the first time.

Listen below and grab the free download.

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