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Photo: Shoot People

It’s 2019, and Holy Ship season is upon us. We’ll be onboard for 13.0 next week and looking forward to all the events in store for the three-day cruise madness. It’s our first time setting sail, so we felt it was necessary to get some pointers from someone who’s done this before. Thee Mike B has joined Holy Ship twice before, and as a master multi-genre curator, he’s performed some top-notch sets for the Ship Fam and made some lifelong friends throughout the ride.

We caught up with him to find out some of his favorite experiences onboard, how to spend your time in the best way possible, and what we should be looking forward to.

So, you’ve been aboard Holy Ship a few times since its inception. What are some things you just love about this event?

This trip (13.0) will be my third time. One more and I can get a robe! What I truly love about the ship is the actual love. I feel it while I’m DJing, I feel it when I’m dancing in the crowd, in the cafeteria, in the elevator. So many good vibes and great people.

Tell me a crazy or funny story from one of your Ship experiences.

11 a.m., day two of Holy Ship 9.0… I hear a phone ringing for what felt like 20 minutes as I attempted to sleep off my foot pain from dancing too much the first night. It’s my homie Sal Moreno from Hard: “We can’t go to the Private Island today, the Spice stage is yours from 2:00 to 5:00 if you want it. Try to wake your homies up and get something going.” My dawg BOT was the only one who answered. What started as him and I going 1-for-1 for a few dozen people slowly erupted into magic. A crazy B2B which ended being BOT, BONES, Matt Black, Stranger, Will Clarke, and myself, then ultimately climaxed with my brother and all-time legend DJ CRAZE, who was so hyped on what was happening that he played what I think was his first ever live set on CDJs, which he absolutely MURDERED!! Truly a special time.

You and Stephen Campbell are hosting a liquor tasting and storytelling event this year and I’m seriously looking forward to that — what should we expect from that experience?

Well… I’m not very good at drinking but I have a lot of stories, so I’m hoping for the best. Ideally, I’ll make some new friends and not puke on them.

As a Holy Ship veteran, what are some of your tips for surviving the madness?

Never stop walking around the boat, always be dancing and making the most of the unique environment until you literally can’t anymore. Listen to your body if you feel like you must rest, then get back out there as soon as you can. It goes by too fast.

Of all the activities onboard, what’s consistently been your favorite over the years?

The autograph signing is great. Always a great place to meet the Ship Fam, as well as hang out with the other artists and DJs. Whether they are old pals or people I haven’t met.

Finally, what music are you hooked on right now?

Everything BOT is doing is great. Just listened to his new album and it’s fire. As well as Riva Starr’s latest LP and the forthcoming full-length from Oliver Dollar. But I’m hooked on good music period. From hip-hop to house, folk to funk. There’s good music everywhere and it moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Check out the full lineup and schedule for Holy Ship 13.0 here. See you out there!