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Gesaffelstein left plenty of room in his newly released production “Lost in the Fire” for The Weeknd to do exactly what he does as a singer, which is sex up the vibe. The two aren’t new to working together, The Weeknd‘s last album My Dear Melancholy featured two Gesaffelstein collaborations, “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You.” This time though The Weeknd is on Gesaffelstein’s record, so the playing field is quite different. Unlike his more subtle R&B/pop-leaning work on My Dear Melancholy, “Lost in the Fire” finds Gesaffelstein dishing out his proprietary blend of dark, richly textured, reverberating production flair instantly.

The absurdly hyped new Gesaffelstein album Hyperion is due out sometime this year, so while we wait let’s get “Lost in the Fire.”