This is our story...

Every once in a while a new idea comes along and humbly destroys everything you thought you knew about life and music. Imagine you and four of your friends are in a car flying down the highway jamming out to the latest favorite popular music and then the nice kid in the back seat quickly turns on his SoundCloud. “What is this?” you ask while everyone turns to your buddy Valentine. He smiles and holds up one finger as you anxiously wait for resolve. About thirty seconds in, he suddenly rips the e-break, sending the trip into a high speed barrel roll for the next four minutes.

The medics arrive to the scene to find a smoking car in the trench off the road, compacted to the size of a refrigerator, with you and four of your friends siting beside it, untouched, staring straight ahead completely in shock. “What happened here gu–?!” trembles the first EMT, as the car bursts into flames. “Valentine….Valentine….” mutters your friend who was driving. “Valentine’s Day? No guys, it’s March.” says the second EMT, “Geeze, how lost are you guys right now?” After a few luckless interrogative questions, you finally snap out of your trance, and with wide open eyes, you grip his soul and whisper, “VALENTINE‘s remix of XE2 by MssingNo” then all six of you fold into a flash of light and disappear like an old tv turning off.

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