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The Prodigy just released an all-new single and music video called “Light Up The Sky,” an acid rock inferno which further teases their highly anticipated seventh studio album No Tourists. A ferocious beat and squealing guitars combine with 303 mayhem as frontman Maxim spits vicious vocals alongside a gloriously feel-good chorus, delivered by longtime friend and contributor to The Prodigy, dub-legend MC Brother Culture. The video finds our extraterrestrial brethren lighting up the sky before bringing the reckoning down to Earth, and according to the band these beings are not new to our planet or the brutality of the human condition.

As The Prodigy’s founding member Liam Howlett explained about No Tourists, “In these times we live in people have become lazier and forgotten how to explore. Too many people are allowing themselves to be force fed, with whatever that may be. It’s about reaching out further to find another alternative route where the danger and excitement may be to feel more alive… not accepting that you can just be a tourist. That’s what the title is about for us.” If industrial, in-your-face, psych-rock electronica is what makes you feel more alive, there’s no finer purveyor in the known world than The Prodigy. No Tourists is due out November 2nd.