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I enjoy few things more than when artists blur the lines between indie and electronica. The latest from Amsterdam native and now California implant, The Nicholas, with production from Los Angeles-based San Holo, will send you on a one-way trip to another dimension of dream pop.

The origins of the collaboration are outlined on SoundCloud, “On a beautiful sunny day in LA, The Nicholas and San Holo got together to work on something new. San recorded 30 minutes of The Nicholas’ casually improvised guitar noodling and turned it into a track. ‘Pocket’ was born; a fusion between the acoustic and electronic.”

What a fusion of sound. “Pocket” is a vibrant and uplifting blend of pleasantries for mind and soul, bringing together ethereal indie acoustics with sensational futuristic synthwork and FX.

Step up to the platform, the journey awaits. Grab a free download of the track here, available via bitbird. Find more of The Nicholas and San Holo on SoundCloud.

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