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Today we have a particular treat for you, a true homegrown Australian effort. Two local artists, the rising upstart LO’99 and influential duo The Aston Shuffle, unite on Club Sweat, the dancefloor-aiming arm of Sweat It Out, one of the continent’s preeminent young labels.

They’ve turned out a sizzling, ethereal party jam named “Birthman” destined to fill out set lulls when some people just need a little juice. LO’99’s looming presence can be felt in the soundscapes while the Aston Shuffle’s progressions bring momentum to the wonky track, and though The Aston Shuffle has been around the Australian circuit for over a decade, somehow this is their first bout on Club Sweat. About the track, here is what The Aston Shuffle had to say:

It’s full of weird blips and bloops, got a hell’a kooky vocal and one hell of a hooky baseline that will no doubt get some outrageous reactions both on the dancefloor and in your headphones.

“Birthman” is out now – listen below.