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What began as a forward-thinking beat cypher became a family, and tomorrow, that family will be in full force at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Over the past year or two, the producers within the Los Angeles-based collective, Team Supreme, have all been making moves within their individual careers — producing for big ticket artists, touring the world, and even concentrating on instructing the next generation of producers through music school. But now, the time has come for the talented crew of beat makers to reunite in their hometown for a live show, the first time this has happened since the sold out East-West Tour in early 2015, when Carmack, Penthouse Penthouse, Great Dane, Djemba Djemba, AWE, and more played to a jammed Echoplex crowd in Echo Park.

In true TS fashion, the show tomorrow night features a stacked lineup with over 10 billed artists and plenty of expected special guests, and for the first hour after doors, the entire crew will take part in Pass The Aux, which encourages novice producers to share and play their beats for all of Team Supreme. Ahead of all this action tomorrow night, we had a chat with two TS OGs Preston Walker (of Penthouse Penthouse) and Dane Morris (Great Dane) about getting the family all together for this show.

Read on for the chat below, and if you’re in LA, pick up tickets to tomorrow night’s show and find the full lineup here.


Thanks for taking some time with us guys, stoked for the show next week. Are you excited to be taking the Team Supreme show to the El Rey this time?

No doubt. We’ve been speaking with Goldenvoice about doing an event with them for a while now. The whole crew is pretty excited to finally be partnering with them on this show, especially since it’s a such a classic LA venue like the El Rey.

Seems like y’all are bringing the whole family out for this one. Can you talk a bit about the lineup?

We’re normally known for having 15 person lineups and this is no different. I feel like one of our strengths as a crew is our musical diversity. We do so many different styles, so at our live shows we try to showcase that. I know everyone on the bill is planning something special for their set, so we’re pretty excited to see what everyone is bringing to the table.


How has Team Supreme grown or evolved since the last time you guys did a big show like this in LA or elsewhere? Why was now the best time for you to bring everyone together for it?

For the last year or so everyone has been focusing a lot on their individual careers. With the Ableton Documentary at the beginning of the year and our East West Tour last year, all of us have been getting great opportunities to tour, teach, and collaborate with bigger artists. It’s been fun to explore these things, but recently we kinda realized that we were missing doing the TS shows and cyphers. That said, this show is kind of our reawakening. We’ve started doing cyphers again as well. Feels great to be getting things going again.

Tell us a bit about Pass the Aux. How important is it for Team Supreme members to connect with younger producers?

Whenever we do cyphers we’re blown away by the number of submissions we get. It always feels great to be able to give a platform to some of these upcoming producers who want to showcase their work to a bigger audience. That said, Pass the Aux is our way of extending that platform to our live shows and strengthening that personal connection with our fans. We feel like most crews and record labels now-a-days are putting most emphasis on social media numbers, followers etc, whereas we think it’s important to keep the emphasis on the music. Doesn’t matter how big or small you are, if the music is great, we want to support it. The young kids are the ones pushing the envelope, and want to stay close to that energy and do anything we can to help cultivate it.

pass the aux

A huge part of Team Supreme has always been the cyphers. Can you give us a rundown on the process of these, from going through submissions to the final outcome?

Originally TS was just a beat cypher. It was something we did for fun that eventually became a larger platform. Currently, we’ve started hosting our cyphers monthly and the samples are released on the first Tuesday of every month. Each cypher is curated by a different producer who chooses one or more samples and a BPM. After the rules and samples are released, people have one week to create and turn in a one minute beat. After we’ve collected the loot we then comb through every beat submission and make our selections for the cypher. The mix gets put together in ableton and released on soundcloud the 2nd friday of every month. It’s been incredible watching these cyphers grow and receive beats from all around the world. It’s also humbling to see other collectives start their own cyphers as well.

What would you say is the overall goal or mission statement of Team Supreme?

Our goal is to give producers who are changing music a platform to be discovered & grow. 99% of our focus is on the music. Everything else comes in a distant second.

Finally, in one word, describe how the show on Saturday is going to go.



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