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San Holo‘s bitbird imprint further establishes their hold on the very cutting edge of electronic music innovation with the release of their new flagship artist Taska Black‘s “Where We Go.” We got our first taste of the 21 year old Belgian producer’s sound on his remix of “Light” released back in December, and you can tell from that track he shares the classical music background and ability to make a song feel like an adventure that bitbird’s evolution is becoming synonymous with. As Taska explained, “I want listeners to have the same feeling I get when I write my songs. I search for progressions, melodies, and harmonies that make me feel something that I can’t describe. That exact feeling I want people to experience when listening to my music.”

The label has been supporting Taska since he had four followers on SoundCloud, which was exactly what his SC stats were at when he released his first single “Right Now” with them over a year ago. “From that point onwards they’ve pushed me to find my own way in music,” he says. “It’s great to see the label grow so fast and cross boundaries both musically and visually. They inspire me to push myself to the next level every single time.” That feeling he describes from the progression of his music is evident in every production even back to “Right Now,” which is a much funkier and experimental electro incarnation than “Where We Go.” Despite being more of a happy-go-lucky track, “Right Now” is still deeply emotive and seemingly rooted in classical instrumentation – a sonic aesthetic bitbird nails release after release.

“I always try to combine beauty in music with energy that a crowd could resonate with and I think ‘Where We Go’ does that perfectly. I had the idea for the drop on my hard drive for a while before sending it to San who actually loved it. He ended up playing it in a few of his sets before the track was even finished.” If a song can go off in a set before it’s even finished, you know you’ve got a hit on your hands. “I continued building around that idea with a cinematic sound and mellow verses that spoke to me harmonically.” The result is a veritable musical odyssey, the kind the feels all-encompassing, like jumping into the waters of a new sonic universe characterized by heart-wrenching synth patches and little vocal samples that simply ask “Where We Go” from here? The beautifully savage answer to that question, which sounds like it’s coming from a forlorn female vocal is, “I don’t.” This is poetry, y’all – check it below.