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Everyone give a warm welcome to Swerve Squad, LA’s newest collective comprised of AWE, Lord Olaf, Murphy, RCR (Rainoh Cee Ross), and Yung Orca. Over the last few years, each member of the group has been building up their personal production catalogs, and this year they’re joining forces for the official debut of their Squad Up roster compilation.

The release leads off with Yung Orca’s “Berlin”, a steamy after-hours jam made up of metallic claps, slick vocals, a swinging melody, and lush drum work—which all come together to make something that could fit perfectly in a Jimmy Edgar set.

The next track comes from a producer named Murphy. Earlier this month, he defined his own experiment bass signature with “Headache”, and now he continues his awesomely psycho instrumental style with the raw textures and wicked synth work of the compilation’s title track, “Squad Up”.

Up next is a new single from NEST-released homie, AWE, titled “Weak 1”. Despite its name, this one bangs out with some unrelenting brute force. Towering bass distortion fires around metallic snares and vocal synth leads for an epically dark club anthem.

Then, RCR follows with “Lost Squadron”, a frenetic and energetic piece featuring hyperactive synth leads, booming kicks, and next level drum patterns. If you’re looking for a cleverly weird banger for your setlist, this one’s for you.

Closing out the collection is a new one from Lord Olaf, whose “Wishing Well” single is refreshingly different with its medley of twinkling chords, whining synths, and peppered and muffled vocal samples. Halfway through the wonky dub instrumental, Olaf gives us a surprise boost of clubby low-end bounce before closing out with a sweet, serenade of keys.

The debut compilation from Swerve Squad boasts a promising start from a group of kids who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of current club sounds. Each member on the release covers a different dancefloor style, and together they’re helping push forward an already thriving West Coast-based production scene.

Listen below, grab your free download, and show the dudes some love on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook.