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Sweater Beats‘ first single off his upcoming For The Cold EP has finally arrived. “Better”, featuring Imad Royal and Nicole Millar, offers more of the slow boppin’ style that has earned him significant success over the past few years. The fresh fusion of big synth and hip-hop has won over audiences far and wide.

“Better” will surely join suit. This production displays an elevated Sweater Beats, one who’s ready to top the charts. His unique song structuring and sonic creativity flow and strike like Muhammad Ali’s jab-cross combo. Immediately exploding with a dance ready groove, Nicole comes in gracefully with her soothing timbre that turns angelic in the drop section. Imad Royal steals the show when he grabs the mic. His charisma and delivery make everything out of his mouth a crowd sing-a-long.

Grab the download here and find more of Sweater Beats, Imad Royal, and Nicole Millar on SoundCloud.

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