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Miami-based producer Suzi Analogue is different in about every way imaginable. The African-American, female, experimental electronic audio/visual producer is changing the game—and for the better. It’s no secret that many feel the electronic music industry is a boys club, so to find an incredibly talented woman of color out here showering us with an output of abstract and intelligently designed beats is not only refreshing, but sorely needed.

Take for example her latest production, “Wildflowrr,” out now via her label Never Normal Records. A stripped back mix of tribal drums, chimes, and a number of 808/synth bells and whistles, “‘Wildflowrr’ display[s] stories of expansion from the feminine perspective,” according to Analogue in a press release. Arriving as part of her “audio visual mood board” album ZONEZ V.3, “Wildflowrr” has also received an accompanying music video you can check out above.

Check out the remainder of the ZONEZ V.3 LP below:

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