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So, so many new features were announced this morning in Nintendo‘s Direct of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hosted by Masahiro Sakurai. It’s been a long time since we were this excited about the release of any new game, and below is a comprehensive list of some of our favorite add-ins. Be sure to watch the full video for all new release info, though… it’s a huge list!



Early on at E3, Nintendo announced the long-awaited addition of the Metroid Series based villain Ridley. His trajectory to playable character has been long, first appearing in the background of the original Smash Bros., then moving into a cutscene character in Melee, then finally a boss in Super Smash 4. After 10 years of fan requests, the dragon is finally available for gameplay, and Polygon has a hilarious review of the announce that mirrors pretty much how everyone feels on the matter.

Simon Belmont

The legendary vampire hunter from the Castlevania series is joining the roster! I’m particularly excited about this addition, partly because of his history as a character, but mainly because of his completely unique fighting design. His main move set is based around a fully controllable Holy Whip, which while slow and a bit vulnerable to attack, has the longest range of any Smash character to date. The whip also has the ability to move freely, meaning that there will be an incredible amount of control and skill required to fully master this character (which is also really exciting).

King K. Rool

Last, and certainly not least, is the mega addition of King K. Rool of the Donkey Kong franchise. Fans of the DK franchise have been asking for another rep for a while, and King K. Rool feels like the perfect addition. His gameplay seems similar to some of the other Big Boy characters, but with a counter and projectile, which will make him an intuitive and easy character to drop into your regular rotation.

Stages/Battle Modes/Rules


There’s been some serious growth in the stage department on this iteration of Smash, and officially it seems there’s going to be 103 total playable stages on Ultimate – almost double the previous count. On top of the addition of both new and old stages, they’ve added stage selection before character selection, and the ability to have different stages morph between themselves during gameplay. These are both super fun and tactical additions that are going to really seriously impact the way people decide on character and strategy. It’s worth noting that Nintendo put a ton of effort into the music selection for the game, and there are around 28 hours of music across.

Battle Modes

While there were some really interesting additions to the Battle Modes for Ultimate, my absolute favorites were Tourney Mode and Smashdown. In Tourney mode, you can add up to 32 players for bracket-style tournament gameplay. Being in a Smash Tournament League myself, I’m incredibly excited about the chance to create more efficient and exciting tournament scenarios!


Tons of new rules added, but one of the most interesting is the addition of Final Smash into regular gameplay. You can now select to have Final Smash on, and during gameplay charge up an FS meter. When it’s full, you can activate a (less powerful) Final Smash, making room for an entirely new range of possibilities for friendship ruining! This one’s going to end some long-standing friendships, I’ll tell you right now.

Items/Pokemon/Assist Trophies


Nothing too crazy here, but there are some really fun items that will prove quite difficult to fight against. Namely, I thought the Death’s Scythe and Mushroom looked super fun! The mushroom item reverses all of the player’s controls, and is sure to be a destructive item in battle.


List of new Pokémon is long and detailed, but most exciting are:

  • Alolan Exeggutor
  • Solgaleo
  • Vulpix
  • Ditto

Assist Trophies

This game’s list of added assist trophy characters is wild, and I kind of wish some of these had been playable characters, but with the new characters they’ve already added, it’s no biggie!

Best from the list:

  • Knuckles
  • Kapp’n
  • Zero
  • Gray Fox
  • Shovel Knight

Scope all the details in the video above.