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Photo: Sarah Northrop

Remember the latest mix from Subtronics that contained over 100 songs into 37 minutes? That’s a proper introduction to the dubstep mastermind if you’ve been sleeping on his project. He’s an absolute beast behind the decks, but Subtronics also delivers next-level productions, too. Named after his fans, Subtronics just dropped Cyclops Army EP, a four-track ride through his heavyweight signature sound. His fans (including us) have been not-so-patiently waiting for this release, but the wait was absolutely worth it.

Along with releasing the EP, Subtronics announced that he’ll be starting his own imprint, too. I caught up with him to talk about the EP, what’s to come with the label, and some of his favorite creators right now. Read on for an interview with Subtronics and to hear Cyclops Army EP now.

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve released a full EP! What’s so special about the tunes on Cyclops Army EP?

I have a habit of sitting on tunes for a while just so I know they are up to my own perfectionism/OCD standards (ironically I forget to fix a bunch of stuff normally). By the time I confidently confirm all four tracks on one release, they have definitely been done for a little bit. The criteria for this EP is that I wanted to use my absolute strongest solo tunes to drive attention to my productions and not just DJing. I had outrageous standards for this one. It took a while; however, “They Call Me” was the latest edition and I only finished it about a month or so ago.

Can you tell us about your new imprint named after this EP? What motivated you to start a label?

The EP is actually named after my 19K Facebook fan group, the most wholesome fans ever in there. I mainly would like to use the imprint as a platform to release my own music on my own terms. I love labels and will occasionally release with them but it’s frustrating when you want to have complete creative control for a vision and they just won’t allow you to deviate from their plans. Doing it this way means my team and I have 100 percent control over every aspect and we can do it our way. Considering down the road releasing other artists, but it’s not my priority right now. If anything, I’ll be hosting remix contests and releasing collabs on there for a bit before signing outside tracks.

How are you preparing for this summer’s festival season?

The second I get off stage, I’m back on my laptop planning, testing, experimenting, tweaking, and brainstorming new doubles, routines, transitions, and edits. I curate each set for each festival, it’s an obnoxious amount of effort but I’m so neurotic that it absolutely needs to be 1,000 percent the best set I could possibly present. I’m going as excessive as I can, trying to cover more range than I ever have, and actually mix with cohesive pacing (in key). I also have LOADS more music to release, including a bunch of very exciting collabs.

Who are some of YOUR favorite DJs right now?

I have to separate this into dubstep playouts and what I listen to in my car.

Playout: Mastadon, Peekaboo, SVDDEN DEATH, Hakue, 7inn, Leotrix, Ravachol, Ubur, Murda, Xaebor, Aweminus, Matt DOE, Subject 31, and many, many others.

For recreational free time in the car music: Former Hero (seriously, check him out), G Jones, Tyler The Creator, Stormzy, Billie Eilish, Octavian, COPYCATT, Underscores, Chee, Tame Impala, Revisiting, Ratatat, Radiohead, Animal Collective, Elliot Smith always, and Flume.