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I have yet to watch the second season of Stranger Things, even though everyone is telling me I am horribly out of touch and behind the times, but long-running music blog The Kollection has got us covered as they have pumped out this fantastic DJ mix honoring the show.

The Kollection’s mixes have always been genre-agnostic and heavily vibey, and this latest one, “k is strange,” is no different. By stringing together music, score, and quotes from the movie with inspired new selections, they’ve found a way to bring a mix that reminds you of favorite moments, pairing them with musical excellency. It probably doesn’t hold the same impact for me without having seen season 2, but nevertheless I have been enjoying it.

About the mix, here is what Kian from The Kollection had to say:

Like many of you, I just finished season 2 of Stranger Things and was inspired to play around with the music. In mixing Kyle Dixon’s incredible scoring, the soundtrack from both season 1 and 2, some very memorable quotes, and the strangest tunes from any dimension- “K is strange” emerged from the upside down. If you love the show, I think you will love the mix <3 reposts are the eggos that keep us going so please don't forget to share this with your party at the next D&D campaign.