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The guys of SpectraSoul are back, and they’ve got a massive new album to share. Although their third studio album How We Live drops on October 20th, the second single off the album is available today: “Fiction” sounds like an ode to the underground drum ‘n’ bass scene. Featuring the vocals of SOLAH, this minimal track focuses heavily on the beauty of percussion and crafts a serene atmosphere with subtle plucking guitar strings.

David Kennett and Jack Stevens of SpectraSoul talked to NEST HQ about the massive forthcoming LP. Kennett said the seed to make a full-length album was planted earlier this year whilst going through music for their EP.

“Our approach was centered around creativity instead of the technicalities, so we just went in and wrote whatever felt right at the time,” he said. “A few new tracks, collaborations, and vocal recordings later, and here we are. We’re really happy with how it turned out.”

How We Live will be released on Ish Chat, the label backed by SpectraSoul that’s dedicated to the roots of drum ‘n bass. They’ve put out previous releases like their Second Chance EP on their own label, but How We Live will be their first LP on Ish Chat. Launched in 2016, Kennett cites the motivation to create Ish Chat as a new challenge, a fresh start, and a platform for the duo to release music when they felt like it. Stevens said the new album encapsulates the Ish Chat ethos.

“The album is a good representation of where we’re at musically right now: simple, deep, quality underground drum ‘n’ bass that is back to basics — no frills, but plenty of vibe,” he said.

Fans got a taste of How We Live when SpectraSoul dropped the album’s title track for stream and download with pre-order last month. With “Fiction” to add to our collection, we’re looking forward to hearing the full 13-track LP later this month. When asked about his favorite tracks from How We Live, Kennett expressed the complexity of picking the ones he loves most.

“It’s a strange feeling once you’ve finished an album,” Kennett said. “The time in between mastering and release gives you a bit of breathing space. Playing the tracks out for the first time is always exciting too, watching the reactions and how people respond to certain tracks over the course of the campaign. So tracks that you didn’t necessarily like initially, become favorites. It’s early days, but I think we’re both looking forward to letting people hear the whole thing, start to finish.”

Listen to “Fiction” below and grab your pre-order to download here.