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Last month, we featured a monumental Guest Mix from Brooklyn-based noise band Sontag Shogun. If you had a chance to check out the mix, interview, and visual accompaniment, you might’ve gotten wind of their collaborative video with Japanese vocalist and sound designer Moskitoo. “The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan” is an abstract exploration into a theoretical post-apocalyptic world in which two people are in search of each other across a massive stretch of Earth with no way of communicating. Instead, the two leave massive notes behind. “One travels by land, the other by air. By the end, we expect that they’ve found each other, but when the woman looks up, is there anything actually there? We don’t know…”

The video was shot with a drone in Quebec and upstate New York by Jon Yu, a Montreal-based photographer and cinematographer. The words left behind are adapted from a Leonard Cohen poem in honor of Sontag Shogun’s 7″ album releasing on the one-year anniversary of his death. Give the video a look above and dive back into our Guest Mix with the band below.