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I remember one of the first times Sober Rob came up on NHQ. Our writer, Jorge, discussed his production “Sonder“, commenting on the then-Boston-based producer’s innate ability to develop such a soft atmosphere and suddenly capsize it in a state of attractive confusion. Eerily beautiful, “Sonder” caught my ear, but it was also Rob’s contextual insight that drew me in. He told us —

It’s crazy how events in your life can seriously change your perspective on everything so quickly. I think it has to do with getting older, being on my own and making more serious decisions, caring more; but these experiences and changes have inspired me to experiment more with my music and take chances. I realized that learning to trust your own taste and believing in yourself is what matters and truly makes you unique as an artist.

These weren’t just words to Rob either. He made a move cross-country to Los Angeles and continued on with his collaborative tendencies, testing the boundaries of his own sound alongside other young needle-movers like oshi, Alexander Lewis, and BLANDA. His beats range from angry and cinematically assertive (“Abduction”) to weightlessly psychedelic (“Lost”), yet his ability to manipulate atmosphere is a common motif through all of his output.

If Sober Rob perseveres with his intent to always create with an inquisitive nature, we’re in for some more great music from this guy in the months and years ahead. Dig into our Artist Spotlight playlist for Sober Rob below.

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