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When it comes to the long-term careers of legendary rappers, Snoop Dogg‘s journey is one of the most exciting (and unpredictable) careers to follow. He’s behind some of the most iconic tracks in the rap genre, but he’s also passionate about cooking — recently, he starred in the Emmy-nominated Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party with his friend Martha Stewart on VH1. To follow the show, he’s announced a brand new cookbook featuring 50 recipes from his own collection.

Titled From Crook to Cook, Snoop’s going to share his recipes that range from fine-dining choices such as lobster thermidor to lowkey dishes such as waffles — additionally, he’s including a gin and juice recipe, of course. In a statement, Snoop Dogg said, “You know it’s blazin’ up in my kitchen. I’m takin’ the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favorite recipes, ya dig?” We do. The cookbook will be published by Chronicle Books and its release date is set for October 23rd. In the meantime, listen to Snoop Dogg’s recent collab with Gorillaz and Jamie Principle below. For more food-related content, scope our NEST Eats archives.