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If you were searching for some juke, soca, or calypso today then look no further. We’ve got the perfect release to add to your Miami Bass collection, and it’s far from ordinary. Snappy Jit is a hip-hop dancehall lover hailing from the heart of Miami Gardens, FL. His work primarily focuses on fast-paced juke styles, incorporating influences from his hometown and true love—hip-hop and calypso. The tropical feel of Snappy’s music is more than just a fleeting slapdash of bandwagon sounds. His vibes are as real as his aspirations to reaffirm the power of juke and dancehall.

Snappy Jit’s latest release, a five-track EP entitled Str8 Snappin, is the first release of 2015 for Mad Decent’s Jeffrees. It boasts the type of feel and speed familiar to Snappy’s repertoire. The allure of his productions is not foreign to some big names in the community, either; Jack Ü haved dropped “Hot Foot”, featuring Jammin Joe, during a number of their recent sets. The rest of the EP, including “We Go To Work” and “She Like My Step”, directly plays up the “this is how you dance to juke” angle to a T.

Grab the free download of Str8 Snappin through Jeffree’s, and for more of Snappy Jit’s high-energy lifestyle, check him out on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

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