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On the internet, Snappy Jit is a charged-up, neon green-haired cartoon character who sings with a high pitch and fights off bad guys with his bad ass dance moves. In real life, Snappy Jit is a group of three producers and DJs living in Miami who have created a truly unique sound over the past few years, marrying elements of dancehall, Jersey, soca, and other South Florida influences for a style that can only be defined as their own. Since initially linking up with Mad Decent for their famous Christmas compilation last year, Snappy Jit released their well-received debut EP, Str8 Snappin, on Diplo’s imprint, along with additional one-off releases this year on Main Course and Nina Las Vegas’ brand new NLV Records. Just last month, Snappy Jit played their first show ever for Red Bull in their hometown, and the guys have plans to tour Snappy Jit full time in 2016.

With the bar being continually raised for this project, we wanted to check in with the guys from Snappy Jit, get a little background on the project, and see where all of this momentum is going heading into the New Year. Read on for our chat with Snappy Jit, and listen in below for their takeover of this week’s Nest HQ MiniMix.


Let’s kick this off with you guys telling us a bit about how the Snappy Jit project started and how you guys came together. Most people probably are under the impression that Snappy Jit is one person, but that’s not the case…

No, right now its 3 of us..About 5 years ago Sakari and I (Jason) met in Miami through a mutual friend. We had both been doing music for a while and decided to build a small studio and form a production company together. We started recording and producing for some local artist, and experimenting with high tempos and different drum patterns. Over time we came up with the Snappy Jit idea and using Sakari’s pitched up vocals to give a similar feel to the sped up songs how most local dj’s play. It gives the songs more energy and people here like to dance fast. We recently linked up with Dane Vane who has also been doing music for years and who we decided to make him our DJ to perform along side Sakari when we do shows.

Are you guys from South Florida originally? How much would you say that the local music of Miami has affected your individual styles and the unique sound of Snappy Jit?

(Sakari) born and raised in Carol City
(Dane Vane) originally from Puerto Rico and grew up in Miami
(Jason) born in Bermuda, grew up in the Turks and Caicos Islands and been in Miami 8 years

Our sound is a combination of different things we listen to, including dancehall, soca and jersey club but Miami music has definitely had the biggest influence on it. People like Dj Chipman, Dj Ghost, K Kutta, Jammin Joe, Desloc Piccalo and a lot of others have given us inspiration.

A lot of people tend to think of the music and club scene of Miami only as what’s found at the south part of Collins Ave. Do you see more producers from the area avoiding the mainstream and trying their hand at making a more unique, ambitious kind of dance music like you guys?

Yea for sure, we were never really into the South Beach scene or even had any idea what they would play over there. Even with all the different cultural backgrounds here, the more we meet other producers we realize that one thing all our music has in common is its high energy. There will continue to be innovative stuff coming from here and hopefully it will become the new mainstream in the years to come.

Snappy Jit landed with Mad Decent about a year back, releasing on their annual Christmas compilation followed by the major EP release with Str8 Snappin. It really feels like Snappy Jit is a perfect fit there, do you guys see yourself aligning with Mad Decent long term?

Yea, We love what Mad Decent does and the type of music they put out. We feel like its a perfect fit for us and hopefully we can continue doing more releases with them in the future.

Tell us a little bit about the Snappy Jit character who graces all of your artwork along with that awesome video for “She Like My Step”. Is there a whole story behind this guy?

We always had the idea of using a cartoon kid as the face of the brand because the high pitch vocals kind of give it that vision. Once we had him drawn up we started getting creative with the story in case we ever make a cartoon about him. Basically he’s a kid from the future, who got struck by supernatural lightning that allows him to fight off bad guys with his dance moves. The name Snappy Jit came from 2 Miami slangs we put together (snapped – when someone does something really good or cool) and (jit – term for a kid).

What’s the plan for touring the Snappy Jit project?

We just did our first show last month for Red Bull music (United States of Bass). It was amazing to perform on the same show as legends like Dj Craze and Uncle Luke. We are looking forward to doing much more shows soon and hopefully planning a tour in the near future.

Finally, can you tell us a little bit about the vibe of this MiniMix? Any standout tunes we should keep an ear out for?

Its a uptempo, high energy mix of stuff you can work out to or just get hype off of. We’re really feeling the LH4L “Dr. Pepper” remix and looking forward to releasing our “Fat Burner” track with OWSLA in December.

1. Nadus – No Feels (Snappy Jit Work Refix)
2. Snappy Jit – Fat Burna
3. Bombs Away & Oh Snap – Squats (Kronic & Oski Remix)
4. Wuki ft. Snappy jit – BB vs LB
5. Dj Big O – Make Your Booty Go (Remix)
6. Ruthless & LNY TNZ – DUMDUM (Remedy Remix)
7. Tampa Tony – Take It Back Girl
8. Diplo & Alvaro – 6th Gear (feat. Kstylis) [GTA Remix]
9. Diplo ft. CL – Dr. Pepper (LH4L Remix)
10. Mr. Carmack – Hit That
11. D.R.A.M. – Cha Cha (Falcons Remix)
12. Happy Colors x Dj Blass – Esos Son Reebok o Son Nike
13. Snappy Jit – Bumpa (Banginclude Dembow Version)
14. Choppa Dunks & Clips X Ahoy – Shelala
15. Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (G-Buck Remix)
16. La Tartine – Vybz
17. Miss Nana – Nobodys Business (Dj Taj Remix)
18. Fetty Wap – My Way (Snappy Jit Remix)
19. DJ ToeDoe Ray Lo – Ride Out ( Dem Damn Dogs)
20. Snappy Jit – Snap On Da Chat
21. GTA – LCA
22. Eva Simons – Policeman (Beau Di Angelo x NAMTO Remix)
23. Charly Black – Party Animal (BrainDeaD Remix)
24. Machel Montano – Bruck It
25. JSTJR ft. Snappy Jit – Throw it Back
26. Jaymes Young – Two More Minutes (Instant Party! Remix)


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