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At only 22 years old, LA’s duo Sleeping Lion returns with their finest track to date, “Easy For You.” While Noah and Nate have been likened to the sound of The 1975, their craft is independently novel, redefining contemporary indie-pop.

Adorably melodramatic, “Easy For You” is a canvas of elegant dreams manifested into a charming, musical erudition. Inducing a deep sense of synesthesia, pastel colors rise from the spaces betwixt each smoked-out melody in “Easy For You” — its slackened cadence is palpable, romantic, and poetic. Each verse a psalm, and each note a stream of ethereal warmth, this piece is delicately stitched with audible meditation. A delicate flame flickers behind a shadow of moving vocals, inspiring intellectual thought and a bold artistic vision. Sleeping Lion’s larger-than-life vision shines in “Easy For You,” showcasing their fearlessness and innate gift to stand out from the mainstream.

A rousing vignette of textured sounds, “Easy For You” is the beginning of a legacy for the duo. Listen below.

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