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The idea of what it means to be a pop star has changed dramatically in recent years — pop music isn’t what it used to be, and that’s exactly the way we like it. One of our current obsessions in the pop scene is Slayyyter, who’s made a name for herself through her irresistible internet persona and her fun-loving music. Her latest release is probably her most ambitious to date, but she does it oh, so well.

Slayyyter is simply unfuckwithable on “Daddy AF,” a tune that’s off-the-wall and undeniably extra in every way possible. Though she’s branded herself as our new pop princess, Slayyyter is rapping without a care in the world with a raspy, sultry voice to reel us in. Beyond her belligerent performance, the production on this track is so damn good, bouncing from trap to Jersey club to pop all in one sitting. Along with the single, Slayyyter revealed a music video directed by Logan Fields, who’s behind music videos for Cupcakke and Young Thug. Watch the video above.