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The evolution of pop music has been nothing short of a wild, commercialized ride with the rise of pop princesses throughout the decades, but this new era of pop has ushered in some DIY legends who are capable of creating their own sound and brand all on their own. We’re shining the spotlight on Slayyyter, a rising pop princess whose music is just as exciting as her killer brand. If you’re a Twitter fiend, you’ve seen Slayyyter’s name on the site in the form of hilarious tweets, Myspace-reminiscent self-portraits, and of course, her bubbly pop-electronic sound.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter born Catherine Slater grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with an interest in music throughout her life, but she fully committed to the artist life beginning in 2017. Her first official single is a collaboration with Ayesha Erotica, a producer living in Los Angeles she met on Twitter. “BFF” came out in 2018 on what’s known as Slayyyter Records on Spotify, and it appropriately introduces Slayyyter’s neo-pop vibe. Breathy, sexy vocals backed by an upbeat electronic production from Ayesha Erotica are the focus of this track, and while it’s arguably your standard new-age pop, it’s honestly irresistible — exactly how good pop music should be.

Slayyyter went on to release more collaborations with Ayesha Erotica, including “Alone” and “All I Want For Xxxmas,” putting her artist project into full swing throughout 2018. Beyond Slayyyter’s addictive pop sound, her presence on social media is almost just as impressive. She’s an entertainer in the purest form: she’s dedicated to staying connected with her community through Twitter and Instagram, never missing a beat online and consistently delivering content that most people can only do with a team of social media gurus. All her artwork is made by herself and graphic designer glitchmood in a style that reminds me of the golden era of MySpace.

Slayyyter’s latest single is truly her best work to date: “Mine” dropped this past Valentine’s Day, and there’s really no better occasion for this cute-meets-sexy bop. Produced by Robokid and Good Intent, “Mine” is house-influenced love song of the pop persuasion that delivers bubbly, romantic vibes all the way through. There’s a reason The Fader dubbed her the future of pop — Slayyyter effortlessly delivers the whole package of a talented star as if she was born to do this.

We’re eager to hear what’s in store for the pop princess’ next release, but in the meantime, she’s going on tour. Her debut tour features Robokid and Boy Sim on the lineup — scope the (many sold-out) dates below, and dive into our five favorite Slayyyter tunes in the playlist provided.