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It’s no secret that Skream digs Disco. From his 80s Prom Set on the infamous Holy Ship to a full-on Disco mix he put out for download via Twitter back in May, Skream has been broadening his musical boundaries with a focus on a 70s and 80s throwback style. It wasn’t known, however, if the famed UK Dubstep producer would be gearing his own original productions in the same vein as his playful sets and mixes, but this week it’s now clear that Skream’s “sound” is no longer limited to only his back catalogue.

“Rollercoaster” is a straight up contemporary Disco jam, complete with a funky vocoder and twangy basslines fit for a Soul Train episode. This new direction from Skream is an exciting move for fans and producers alike, as it shows the possibility of completely altering your brand and sound without the need of a completely new side project to do it.

The single will be released October 27th.

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