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Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones have announced the release of their debut Vicious Circles EP due August 3rd via Planet Mu Records. The duo is known as the dream team behind Fractal Fantasy, their futuristic audio-visual platform, and have established themselves across the globe with their high-energy club sets and groundbreaking 3-D animations.

Last year, they released their second compilation album, Visceral Minds 2, which showcases their synthetic vision for club music, building towards a new sonic utopia. Hawke also has several high-profile production credits, including co-production on Kanye West’s “Wolves.” Vicious Circles will be their first significant collaboration outside the realm of Fractal Fantasy.

Listen to the lead single, “God,” which features a foreboding Bulgarian choir sample and authoritarian drum-line. While Hawke has gone on the record embracing the technological singularity and is optimistic about the future, “God” feels like the opposite — the soundtrack to the end of days, the prophecies in the Book of Revelation. Perhaps, the abstract percussion samples are the shattering of the stained glass windows of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Vicious Circles is available for pre-order now, in both digital and vinyl formats. Check out the full tracklist below.

01. Vicious Circles
02. God
03. Source Of Conflict
04. Lurk 101
05. Solace (Interlude)
06. BabyBoySosa
07. And You Were One