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Photo: porkfatbaby

After a slightly long hiatus and the development from band to collective to label, Show Me The Body have returned with a track and video for their new album Dog Whistle, due out March 29th. The video is a fast-and-slow paced collage of feet and shoes, climaxing at a long tracking shot of a giant pile of shoes in a warehouse. “Camp Orchestra” is a reference to the orchestras that were made up of prisoners in concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Birkenau, where captives were forced to perform under excruciating conditions by the SS. The video is directed by Show Me the Body and rubberband (Jason Sondock and Simon Davis). The song is a distorted fest of metallic riffs and hard-hitting upbeat rhythms. It’s pure hype for their third album, which promises to be a further exploration into the more personal depths of this already riotous band.

Additionally, the band announced some upcoming tour dates this spring. Check out the dates and tracklist for the forthcoming record below. Tickets here.


01 Camp Orchestra
02 It’s Not for Love
03 Animal in a Dream
04 Badge Grabber
05 Drought
06 Forks and Knives
07 Now I Know
08 Madonna Rocket
09 Arcanum
10 Die for the Earth to Live
11 USA Lullaby